Here we list events happening at Mindpark. Both our own and CreativeLab’s, the makerspace that is on our ground floor. We also list events from others that are held here and are open to the public. Our aim is that anyone can participate in all events listed here – even if the event might seem like a closed one. If you see it here then you can join!

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Mindpark Event Calendar


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August  2016
  • What: The Vision Fond in Helsingborg
    Where: Mindpark Meeting - Konferens i Helsingborg, Bredgatan 11, 252 25 Helsingborg, Sverige
    When: Tuesday 9/8, 14:30 - 15:30
    Description: Are you dreaming of starting your own project but lack the monetary aspects of realizing your ambitions? Helsingborg municipality has a vision that by 2035 Helsingborg will become a more creative, pulsating, mutual, global and balanced city. If your idea for a project can contribute to one or more of these aspects, your are able to apply for money from the Vision Fund of Helsingborg!

    In this seminar we will discuss what the Vision Fund really is, the guidelines on how, where and when to apply, and different types of inspiring examples of projects that have started with the help of the Vision Fund.
  • What: Shortcuts to studying in Sweden
    Where: Mindpark Meeting - Konferens i Helsingborg, Bredgatan 11, 252 25 Helsingborg, Sverige
    When: Tuesday 16/8, 14:00 - 15:00
    Description: Having a proper education is one of the most bullet-proof ways to progress into the job-market! However sometimes Swedish companies have a tendency to put higher value on the Swedish education system rather than a foreign ones. Therefore, having a degree from a Swedish college may help you a long way. And the best thing about the Swedish education system is that it is almost always completely free, you are also - in most cases - entitled to take loans to cover living costs while you are studying.

    The hardest part about the Swedish education system is to get into the courses. However there are ways around this beurocratic system! In this event, representatives from Yrkeshögskolan - a nation wide college with a high focus on practical education - will come and talk about who they are, what type of educations they offer, what their requirements are, and also how you can apply even if you do not fullfill all these requirements!

    There are still a few vacant spaces left at one of their programs starting this term, so make sure you attend this event as it might give you information that will change your life!
  • What: Marketing with social gaming
    Where: Mindpark Meeting - Konferens i Helsingborg, Bredgatan 11, 252 25 Helsingborg, Sverige
    When: Tuesday 30/8, 16:30 - 17:30
    Description: We will be hosting a workshop together with Social Media Com Skåne! Social Media Com Skåne is a non-profit organization dedicated to discussing and sharing ideas about communication social media.

    In this workshop we will discuss how social gaming helps us market our business! Join us as we will discuss how a phenomena such as Pokemon Go and other social games as well as games using location services, can help marketing your business. Get inspired and join the the discussion as we will explore how to use social gaming and location services to market your business.

    Date: 30/8-16
    Time: 16.30 - 17.30
    Place: Mindpark, Bredgatan 11

    As usual, the 30 first guests will get free coffee from the cafeteria :)

    Remember to sign up for the event on our website in the link below. Signing up is not compulsary (you can turn up anyway!) but it does help us a lot in the planning.
  • What: CreativeLab - OpenLab
    When: Tuesday 30/8, 17:00 - 20:00
    Description: Come and create things! BYOP (bring your own projects) and meet others working on theirs
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