The ground floor at Mindpark hosts amongst others a café combined with our reception. The café is open for the public on weekdays 08.00-16.00. We serve alternatives for breakfast, lunch or fika.

Opening hours 26/6-11/8:

Monday-Friday 08.00-14.00

Soup of the week:

Broccoli soup

  • Sushi (without scampi)
  • Roasted Paninis
  • Grilled cheese sandwich with turkey
  • Flatbread rolls
  • Smoothies
  • Turkish yoghurt with berries and müsli
  • Healthy snacks
  • Fairtrade chocolates from Divine
  • Baked potato with topping

Delicious coffee

We can honestly say we serve the best coffee in the building! You can choose between caffé latte, cappuccino, caffé macchiato, latte macchiato, caffé mocha, espresso and of course brewed coffee. We have something for everyone!

Student at Campus Helsingborg: You do know that we have student prices, right? Buy a coffee card for 120 SEK and get 10 cups of coffee – the big size!


FairtradeLogoBigAll of our coffee, regular as well as espresso, and the tea, are always fairtrade (Zoegas Cultivo or Terazza are the coffees of choice and our teas are from Four o’clock). Most of our chocolate is fairtrade as well, with a wide assortment of chocolate from Divine being the most popular.

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